Gordon’s Pond + Herring Point

I’ve been going up to Delaware my entire life but just discovered Cape Henlopen State Park between Lewes + Rehoboth!

The trail is about 3.2 miles from the Gordon’s Pond pavilion to Herring Point + pretty flat but only about 8 feet wide. Face masks were required when you couldn’t be socially distant. Since we went on a super busy day, I ended up just walking with my mask on.

There were so many bikers + trail runners so I recommend staying to the side of the trails to let people pass! If you go in the cooler months (now through the spring), it’ll probably be a lot less crowded + you probably won’t need your mask!

I use the Strava app to track my runs/walks/hikes. The main trail goes around Gordon’s Pond + ends at Herring Point but I really wanted to walk back on the beach, so that’s what I did! It is a drive-on beach so I walked up against the dune the entire way back. Also because the sand was actually pretty firm + flat there!

We didn’t see a lot of wildlife but because it was such a busy Saturday morning, I think the noise was keeping most critters away. We did see this little baby snake + so many different types of birds!

Herring Point has an overlook to see onto the beach with picnic tables + the remains of Navy test site. In WWII, Herring Point was actually called Battery Herring. In 1946, Herring Point was used as a test site for the Navy’s Bumblebee ramjet rocket (a surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile). This area was also used for military tests during the Cold War. Herring Point was turned over to the State of Delaware in 1983.

Along the coast of Delaware, there are 11 concrete observation towers. These were built + used for defense in WWII. They range from 40-75 feet high + are 16 feet in diameter. These towers were used to watch for enemy ships + subs in the Atlantic.

Overall, it was a great trail! There was a little bit of history + a little bit of nature! If you are looking for an outdoor activity in Delaware, I highly recommend walking the Gordon’s Pond trail + then going into Lewes or Rehoboth for a post-exercise snack!

Until next time!

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