3 Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses From Your Couch


It’s been too long since I’ve posted but hopefully, you are doing well + are staying safe!

So it is no secret that so many businesses – large or small – are having a tough time right now. It’s also no surprise that I love small, local businesses! So I know most people think the easiest – and maybe, the only – way to help a local business is by making a purchase.

However, this post is here to share 3 main ways help small businesses from your couch! Some of these options are even FREE!

Treat Yourself – And a Friend! Or, Two!

Making a purchase is still definitely a major help to a local business. However, it’s good to know that shopping online + supporting while social distancing has gotten so much easier. Retailers, restaurants, + other local businesses are ramping up their online stores.

Places like bookstores, breweries, + coffee shops have added more merch to their websites to rep them when you’re out + about. I would definitely take a scroll through your fave small biz’s website to see what is available!

You Never Forget Your First by Alexis Coe from Old Town Books in Alexandria, VA.

Alternatively, businesses are adding the option to purchase gift certificates online! Ever since Virginia went on official Stay At Home orders, I have been started buying some friends + family gift certificates to their favorite small business.

Just like donating to non-profits, even buying just a $10 gift certificate helps the business + is still exciting for a friend to receive such a kind gesture!

Gift Certificate from Bethany Beach Books.

Personally, I’ve primarily purchased gift certificates for friends + ordered some goodies for myself from my fave businesses!

Something else to know is that some places (like running stores) are offering virtual consultations or appointments! This way you can still get some face time, receive a service, + maybe end up ordering some products.

It’s Time for a Quarantine Snack

I don’t know about you, but the munchies have been hitting me so hard while I telework! Thankfully, so many local restaurants, breweries, + coffee shops have been providing options to serve. Most places (that did not previously) are offering deliveries, or have increased their delivery radius. Also, offering take-out/curbside pick-up. Before ordering, I would make a quick call to check the hours. Some places have changed their hours during this time!

Thai Salad (no chicken, add avocado) from Taste!

However you order your next quarantine snack, if you can, be sure to tip a little extra to show some love!

Turkey + Provolone from Gourmet Gang!

While You’re Scrolling Social Media…

Last but certainly not least – small businesses are really relying on social media traffic + engagement right now. So if you’ve made it to this post, I know you can make it to the social media pages of your fave small businesses! Or, you may even find some new fave local businesses in your scrolling!

While you’re on your phone, definitely consider tracking down + engaging with your fave businesses on as many platforms as possible! Follow or Like their page, share or retweet some of their posts, and create your own posts + tag them. Small business would definitely appreciate the love!

A couple of other options to help are providing positive feedback + to refer friends. Businesses are looking for, well, business! You can easily help out by sharing your positive experiences + connecting a biz to a potential customer.

While you’re on social media, I made the Instagram story bingo template below! You can hop over to my Instagram + find the template saved in a story highlight. You can fill this out for one specific business you love, or it can be about anything you have done to support all of your fave small businesses! Either way, tag some small businesses you love when posting or tag some friends to challenge them! Also, tag me so I can share it to my Instagram story!

While you’re perusing the internet, here are a few other links that are worth checking out!

  • Women Owned Business Directory – link here – you can search different categories (clothing, food, entertainment, …) to connect with women own businesses all over!
  • Verizon’s Pay It Forward – link here – Verizon is partnering up with performers + hosting live stream concerns while connecting viewers to small businesses in your area!
  • GoFundMe’s for Small Businesses – link here – GoFundMe has a landing page for small businesses looking for a donation to help pay their employees, rent, + other costs!

As it turns out – there are so many ways to support your favorite small business! In addition to my suggestions, just contact them + ask how you can help!

Again, I hope you are staying safe + doing well! It’s not an easy time for anyone + I know COVID-19 has had different impacts for everyone.

I’d love to hear how you are supporting your favorite small businesses in the comments below!

Until next time!

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