Al in the Kitchen: Grilled BBQ Chicken Bowls

If you’re like me, you don’t spend nearly enough time in the kitchen. I have been trying to spend more time cooking for myself because, honestly, cooking a healthy meal is pretty important. I’ve always liked to bake but cooking has always been a different story!

Every summer, I grow green bell peppers in a pot on my patio. You can read more about my gardening adventures here.

Anyways, I finally had time to cook + grill dinner!

Grocery Shopping

I buy the majority of my groceries from Kroger. I have a KrogerPlus card + can earn fuel points to save money on gas. I linked all of my ingredients below.

Riced Cauliflower | Chicken Breast | Red Bell Pepper | Avocado | BBQ Sauce

Overall, this meal cost roughly $20.

Prepping + Cooking

I used a grill for the chicken + it took about 10-12 minutes at 450 degrees. I flip them after about 5 minutes or until there are some light grill marks.

I also grilled the peppers but those took a lot less time so I put them on the grill after I had flipped the chicken. At this point, I also rubbed BBQ sauce on both sides of the chicken.

I’ve seen a lot of people use these stove-top grills. I’m interested in getting one so if you have experience with one, let me know in the comments below!

While the chicken was grilling, I sliced the avocado.

For the riced cauliflower, I followed the instructions exactly as they were on the bag. I microwaved it after I flipped the chicken on the grill.

I let the riced cauliflower cool for a moment while I got the chicken + peppers off the grill. Then I poured half of the riced cauliflower into my bowl with one chicken breast, some avocado, and some peppers.

With the leftover ingredients, I put it all in one of my Pyrex glass containers for lunch the next day.

This dinner ended up taking about 30 minutes (including waiting for the grill to heat up) + was so tasty! I also liked this because I had leftovers for the next day. I basically had two meals for $20 + they were the perfect portion sizes!

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