bottleBOX – A Hidden Gem for Craft Beer Connoisseurs

With most restaurants + brands I’ve found lately, I found bottleBOX on Instagram. I was finally able to stop in for the first time a few weeks ago now + it was so much fun! This craft beer store not only sells a great variety of craft beer (local VA breweries + so much more), they also have 12 taps to fill growlers, and weekly tasting featuring a new brewery every Wednesday.

bottleBOX is located on W 21st Street in Norfolk, VA. However, it is on the parking lot/W 20th Street side of the shopping complex. It’s a pretty tiny store so it could be easy to drive past if you’re on 21st. It’s definitely easiest to park in the lot off W 20th!

bottleBOX is organized by types of beers – VA locals, IPAs, ciders/meads, sours, porters, stouts, and so forth. The bottles and cans are priced individually – there are some beers left in their 6-pack. It’s a great way to try out some local beers or try a can or two from all over the US!

You can reuse a 4- or 6-pack carriers + fill them with whatever beers you want! You can also use one of the bottleBOX black bags, which are for purchase.

All of the cans + bottles are priced individually (except for those left in their pack obviously), + range from $2.00 + higher. All of the ones I have purchased so far have been between $2 – $4.

The first time I went, I was on my way to a dessert party at my friend’s apartment so I never got a chance to take quality pictures of all of the beers I picked up. The six I brought to the party were: Dogfish Head’s Super Eight Gose (amazing), O’Connor’s Kovalam Beach Honey Lavender Saison, Dogfish Head + the Grateful Dead’s American Beauty Pale Ale, Schilling Hard Cider‘s Grapefruit + Chill, Firestone Walker Brewery’s Rosalie Beer Rosé, and Ocelot Brewing’s Lamp Lager.

I got the DFH Super Eight just for me, but the other five were for everyone else. They were all a hit!

So let’s get into the four I picked up at my second visit…

The next weekend, I went again to shop for myself! I chose Coelacanth’s Passionfruit Gose, Oozlefinch’s Das Yummy, 21st Amendment Brewery Sparkale, and Graft’s Field + Flowers Gosé Rosé. I definitely prefer sour/fruity/light beers like goses + saisons. I tend to stay away from stouts/porters + IPAs are hit-or-miss for me.

Coelacanth is a Norfolk, VA brewery + their Passionfruit Gose is sold at a majority of restaurants in the Hampton Roads. It’s considered one of their Core Beers + one of my go-to beers. The PFG is a German sour wheat beer + brewed with passionfruit + Hawaiian sea salt. It’s also won various craft beer awards! The PFG is 4.5% ABV. I think it’s pretty sour but also pretty light.

Oozlefinch is a brewery in Hampton, VA. I’ve never been but have heard it’s a fun spot! It’s a raspberry pie Berliner weisse ale with raspberry, vanilla, lactose. It’s 5% ABV. I think this was relatively more tart than what I usually prefer but still tasty!

The 21st Amendment Brewery is in San Leandro, CA, with a pub in San Francisco. I know their Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer from when I was a server a summer ago. 21st Amendment is into their puns and play on words. The Sparkale is a sparkling rosé ale. The 5.5% ABV sparkling ale is brewed with apples, cranberry, peach, and cherries. I really enjoyed this one because it was so light. It honestly hardly tasted like beer, so for my “I really need to get into beer” folks, this is for you!

Graft Cider is a cidery in the Hudson Valley of New York. The Fields & Flowers Gosé Rosé is brewed with New York apples, pink sea salt, rose hips, hibiscus, and rooibos. It’s 6.9% ABV but also a very light, fruity taste – which I enjoyed. Unfortunately, Graft does not have a physical cidery that is open to visit but you can connect with them on Facebook + hopefully you can visit them soon!

Overall, the Passionfruit Gose is in my comfort zone of beers; Fields & Flowers + Sparkale were excellent surprises; the Das Yummy was indeed yummy, but probably not my first choice of the four.

bottleBOX is definitely somewhere I plan to continue to buy my beer from + can’t wait to try new beers through them! They post almost daily on their Instagram about new arrivals so you can stay in the loop.

Have you tried any of the beers I talked about today? If so, which are your most/least favorites?! Have you stopped by bottleBOX yet? I want to hear in the comments below!

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