Flamingo – A Hair Removal Brand That Gets It

Today I wanted to share with y’all about a relatively new discovery I made. I’ve waited to share because I wanted to have sufficient time to try out the products I ordered.

In early March I came across the Instagram for Flamingo – a women’s hair removal brand. They sell razors + waxing kits that you can purchase directly from Flamingo online or find in your local Target. I thought it was really awesome + followed their account because I liked their mission + aesthetic. However, I didn’t really think much about it after that.

A couple weeks later, I went to Target + saw their products on an aisle ender + stopped to look. The prices for all of their products were actually very inexpensive – $9 for the razor, 2x blade cartridges, and shower hook; $8 for the lotion; $8 for a 4x cartridge refill pack. I decided to go home + look at their website again.

Flamingo was founded by some of the women at Harry’s who decided women need inexpensive yet effective hair removal products. They chose the name Flamingo because flamingos stand on one leg – and that’s often the pose ladies strike when shaving.

I used to use a Venus razor with the replaceable cartridges a few years back but felt like the cartridges were so expensive. I also felt like I really wasn’t getting a very great shave. I switched to the Bic Soleil razors + would sometimes even use the cheaper Bic Silky Touch razors. Basically, I kept falling down a rabbit hole of cheaper and cheaper razors. Also with the cheap Bics, it was creating so much plastic waste.

I decided to order the shave set with the mint + gold razor. It took about a week to have my order processed, shipped, and received.

The shave set includes 1x travel pouch, 1x razor, 2x cartridges (one is already on the razor), 1x 3oz body lotion, 1x shower hook, and 1x 1oz shaving creme.

I went with the mint + gold razor, and am a huge fan. Using my Flamingo razor has been such a great experience + I feel like I’m getting a much closer shave than I ever have before. The razor is easy to hold and doesn’t feel slippery in your hand. The cartridges have a hinge so they can flex to your curves.

The body lotion is the scent of White Willowbark. It’s now my purse lotion because it just smells soo good.

The shaving creme is so light + fluffy – also, a little bit goes a long way.

For refilling your cartridge, Flamingo sells cartridges in packs of 4 ($9), 8 ($16), or 16 ($30). From what my Target has, I believe you can only get the 4x pack in Target stores – your Target may have the 8x pack though!

Fun fact: you can use Harry’s cartridges on your Flamingo razor handle.

Flamingo also sells body + face wax kits. On their website, they have a wax guide with pro-tips. Links to the body + face wax kits are at the bottom of the wax guide. Personally, I only wax my eyebrows whenever I get my hair styled. Otherwise, I tweeze them. As you’ve gathered from this post, I prefer to shave. With that being said, I can’t speak to the quality or how user-friendly the wax kits are. However!!! Based on my last 2 months using the shaving products, I think it’s safe for me to recommend the wax kits as well! If you have experience with Flamingo Wax Kits, I definitely want to hear from you in the comments section!

Overall, I am so pleased with the quality of all of Flamingo’s products + look forward to continuing using their products!

Pro tip: to make your razor cartridge last longer, be sure to keep your razor somewhere dry when you aren’t shaving! If the blades keep getting wet, it will rust faster. I have my shower hook underneath my shower head so it really only gets wet when I shave with it.

Have you tried Flamingo yet? If so, share about your experience in the comments below!

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