La Brioche – Norfolk, VA

For breakfast on Saturday morning, on of my gal pals + I went to check out La Brioche in the Neon District of Norfolk. This was another Instagram discovery of mine that I couldn’t wait to visit!

La Brioche opened just less than 2 months ago + is the cutest French bakery. It’s located in the Neon District of Norfolk, VA at 765 Granby Street.

When you walk in, it is an open loft-style bakery with the bakery counter to the left + some seating to the right. If you walk past the bakery counter, there is a massive window so customers can see right into the kitchen! If you go up the stairs, there is a cute + comfy eating area with velvet chairs + exposed brick. There were about 7 tables + one pair of big green velvet chairs. The view from upstairs overlooks The Plot, where many events are held throughout the year.

While we were there, I got a mini fruit tart + my gal pal got a chocolate croissant. When we left, she got a veggie sub on one of their fresh baguettes to go + I got another fruit tart, chocolate eclair, almond croissant, and chocolate croissant. So far, I have only had the chocolate and almond croissant of my to-go picks. However, everything is so fresh and the croissants were so fluffy!

So in addition to the pastries, La Brioche bakes and sells fresh baguettes, tarts, croissants + eclairs of various flavors, loaves of bread, brioches, apple and raisin turnovers, sandwiches, and so much more. They do have a fridge of bottle waters, orange juice, sodas and a few other options. You can also order various coffees or teas.

Some of the more simple pastries are $2 – $3 each, while some of the larger range from $4-$7. The sandwiches on fresh baguettes are $7, and the croissant sandwiches are $6. The coffees and teas are $2.50 – $4.

I can honestly say every penny is worth it because of how fresh + tasty everything has been so far. I definitely enjoyed my first experience + look forward to going again. I really hope La Brioche is successful because, again, it’s so tasty!

Connect with La Brioche on Facebook or on Instagram.

Have you been to La Brioche yet? Tell me about your experience below!

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