Favorite Finds in January 2019

Hi there! As the title suggests, I am revealing a few products I discovered in January that I am obsessing over! Again this month I will be covering a couple of items from various categories – accessories, cosmetics, and this time, even a kitchen item!

➥Jade Roller – So at first I thought this jade rolling trend was totally silly. However, one of my friends has one and swears by it, got one for me for my birthday, and I completely understand now. I’m a huge fan now! It feels so soothing to roll the icy cold stone over my face first thing in the morning. There are two very important tips I have learned. 1 – always start in the center of your face and roll to the outside (towards your hairline, ears, down the throat). 2 – always roll with clean skin (otherwise you are rolling makeup into your pores and making your stone dirty.

You can find a jade roller at Ulta, at Sephora, or order mine from Amazon.

➥J. Crew Earrings – My first pair of these earrings were garnet and I bought them maybe in 2017? They are so fun and versatile. They’re low-key but can make a statement! I have started buying them in every single color I can find. I have them in garnet, black, hot pink, bronze, and am eagerly awaiting the spring colors. They are a little bit heavy for my ears but I am obsessed so pros & cons, right??

You can find them here.

➥Anastasia Clear Brow Gel – I got a sample tube free with a purchase from Ulta a couple weeks ago. I use their brow pencil and am a huge fan of the pencil and the brand in general so I was excited to try a new Anastasia product for free! I will eventually do a separate post about my make-up but for what is relevant here – I always do this second to last. I pencil my brows after doing foundation and eye shadow. After penciling, I do a couple quick sweeps of brow gel. My last step is always lipstick. Anastasia is a cruelty-free brand and uses mostly clean ingredients – two big factors when choosing a make-up brand for me.

You can find the brow gel on their website, at Ulta, or Sephora.

Anastasia Liquid Lipstick – So this was quite an experience. On Ulta’s website, they were running a BOGO Free promo. So I decided to be adventurous and order new lip product. The colors I ordered were not quite what I thought they would be. I ordered Kathryn (too brown for me) and Veronica (orange-ier than the color online). I kept Kathryn because I might be able to pull it off with the right outfit but Veronica went back to Ulta! So at this point you might be wondering how on Earth is this on the favorites list?

➥Megababe Daily Deodorant – I am very busy and spend my day running around basically all day. At my day job, I am in and out of meetings and conference calls, and sometimes moving from building to building. Outside of my job, I have a part-time job and work out a LOT. So I need a deodorant that can keep up with my lifestyle. Megababe does exactly that!!! Designed by a boss babe -Katie Sturino from The 12ish Style– this product is made with clean ingredients (no parabens or aluminum) and cruelty free. So a win all around. It’s a rosy scent but very light and last for hours. I carry mine in my bag with me during the day in case I feel the need to refresh just to be safe. I feel like I can still wear a perfume and the scents don’t battle it out at all. It is $18 for a tube but it’s worth every penny. Overall, highly recommend!!

You can be a megababe by purchasing from their website or from Ulta.

➥Keurig K-Mini Single – I am a big fan of the Keurig. It’s so inexpensive and a lot less of a nutritional nightmare compared to drinks from Starbucks. For my Keurig at home, I use ground coffee and reusable K-cups to reduce waste. For my new K-mini at work, I use Target’s Archer Farm Vanilla Bean K-cups because it’s less mess and they are easy to take apart to recycle. With the K-Mini, you can make a cup 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, or 12oz (I always do 12oz). Pour the water into the tank on the back, turn it on, press the handle down (the strip around the button needs to flash before you can press the button), press said button, the water will flow into the heater, after 2 minutes, the coffee will brew! I definitely recommend for those who need constant caffeine!

You can find the K-mini here. I got mine in matte black from Target.

What products have you found that you are loving?! Tell me about your faves in the comments below!

As always, please note that the graphic at the top of this post was created using canva and the images from each products’ website & I don’t claim those photos as my own!

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