Favorite Finds in December 2018


It has been so long – too long, actually – since I have written! I have a lot of plans for content this year and look forward to getting back into the groove. As you can tell, I wanted to share about some of my favorite foods and products I discovered last month (it’s January when I am writing this!). There are only eight items and they are highly recommended!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea – In the winter, my skin is so dry all the time! Between the cold weather and steaming hot showers, it’s hard to keep my face moisturized during the day. Cue my man Mario! I love this facial spray. It smells so clean and it’s so light. I spray throughout the day and it doesn’t make my make-up run. I received it as a free sample in a kit in late fall and didn’t try it until a few weeks ago. I regret not trying it sooner! I spritz throughout the day and this sample bottle still has plenty left. I highly recommend this product to keep your skin refreshed throughout the day!

You can also find this spray at Ulta and Sephora.

CLEAN Reserve Perfume in Rain – This perfume smells so lovely. It’s fresh and is a mix of bergamot, white flower, and vetiver. It’s created with clean and natural ingredients (hence the name!). I have received so many compliments from my gal friends – and guy friends. I have the .34oz spray bottle and carry it in my purse. I feel like I have to re-spray throughout the day to keep the scent. I don’t entirely mind though because I work in an office and am in and out of meetings, so I don’t want to be too fragrant!

You can find this perfume in two sizes at Sephora.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express – I have dabbled in spray tans, tanning booths, and various self-tanning lotions. This one takes the cake! I was hesitant at first but I now use it once a week. This is another product that is made with clean ingredients – which I am a huge fan of. There are different time threshold for different levels of tan. For the first several times, I was careful to leave it on for only an hour. Now, I leave it on for three hours every time I apply – once every two weeks. Since it’s a lotion, I do schedule it around my runs and Orangetheory so I don’t sweat out my tan! At first, I was very concerned because a lot of the residue washed off – but that is part of the process so do not panic!

You can find this and the tanning mitt at Ulta.

Fitbit Charge 3 – About 2 months ago, I lost my Fitbit Flex 2 before going on a weekend hiking trip. Talk about the worst time to loose a Fitbit – so many uncounted steps! After doing serious market research between the different Fitbit models and Apple Watch models, I decided I really needed some high-tech but also low-key – without spending too much money. The Charge 3 fit the bill at $165. It tracks my sleep, steps, hear rate, calories burned, and I can set timers for different workouts. I updated mine to show running, treadmill (for Orangetheory), pilates (for Pure Barre), weightlifting (also for OTF), and swimming (for when the pool at work re-opens). There are about 15-20 other exercises you can put on your Charge 3. Additionally, I can receive texts and calls (I have to text or call back from my phone), a guided breathing meditation, check the weather, set alarms or timers, and see my stats for the day. Maybe later in the month, I will do a full review on my Fitbit!

I ordered my Fitbit Charge from REI. You can also find it at Target.

➥Hydroflask 24oz Standard Mouth and Insulated Sports Cap – I have Swell bottles and Corkcicles and Camelbaks and many other drink cups. However, the Hydroflask with the sports cap is my favorite so far. I like that Swell bottles keep my drinks cold (or hot), as with my Corkcicles. However, I don’t like the screw-top on Swells and the slide-open lid on Corkcicles. I like Camelbaks but with cold water, the condensation on the bottle can make a huge mess. With that being said, it doesn’t keep my water cold for very long. The Hydroflask has been an excellent combination of the three! I highly recommend Hydroflask products.

You can find the bottle and cap at REI.

➥Kreafunk Bluetooth Speaker – I purchased my speaker from J. Crew; however, it’s sold out! I am very pleased with mine. It is bluetooth and very simple to use. I definitely recommend it for fellow apartment-dwellers. It doesn’t get wildly loud so it’s good to be just loud enough for having friends over without annoying any neighbors. It comes in eight colors – I got the white and gold!

➥Silk Almond-milk Yogurt – I had to throw in a couple food items that I have found. I really enjoy this yogurt – my only hesitance with it is that it contains 17g of sugar. That’s a lot for one cup of yogurt! However, I feel I can swing it because my diet is pretty low in terms of sugar consumption. I eat pretty healthy the great majority of the time and most of the sugar I eat is natural (in fruits and vegetables). I put fruit in this yogurt in the morning and it’s great for on-the-go!

I bought this at Kroger!

➥evol Vitalize Bowl – Another yummy food item I have found! Also discovered this at Kroger. I am not wild about microwaveable meals because they don’t always microwave the way you want them too (if you know, you know). This one didn’t look like the picture post-microwave but it was actually very tasty! It’s on the top of my list for my next Kroger run!

If you have tried any of these products, I want to hear what you think in the comments below! Have any recommendations for products to try this month? I’d also love to hear that in the comments below!

Until next time!

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