J Crew Factory Haul

Happy Monday!

I start my new job in a week so I went to J Crew Factory to see the new arrivals. I ended up finding quite a few items. I will just list everything below with links to the items!

I really like Factory because they always have cute pieces for a reasonable price. The quality is very different from the J.Crew stores but I don’t mind!

I picked up a few accessories which I will list first, a bandana (a trend I love!), I also got a new chambray and two cardigans, a skirt and shirt to wear together, a couple pencil skirts, and then a half dozen dresses.

I have listed each item with their name, style number and the price before any promotions. One thing that is super helpful to know when shopping at J Crew is that all items have a style number that starts with a letter and then four numbers. It’s the easiest way to look up pieces online or with an associate!

  • Tortoise Circle Dangle Earrings | H0637 | $29.50
  • Colorful Beaded Tassel Earrings | H9694 | $42.50
  • Tortoise Link Bauble Necklace | H7350 | $49.50
  • Printed Bandana | G3700 | $10.00
  • Chambray in Perfect Fit | G5058 | $69.50
  • Caryn Cardigan | E5957 | $54.50
  • Teddie Sweater in Ladybug | H666 | $69.50
  • Collector Tee with Flower Pocket | H5978 | $39.50
  • Striped Midi Skirt | E9828 | $79.50
  • Stretch Pencil Skirt | G1555 | $85.00
  • Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton | 37415 | $69.50
  • Ruffle Sleeve Dress | H7043 | $69.50
  • Printed Sleeveless Bow-Back Dress | H5076 | $85.00
  • Striped Daybreak Dress | H6101 | $85.00
  • Ruffle Hem Dress | H1719 | $49.99
  • Short-Sleeve Flutter Dress | H5402 | $89.50

I am so excited for the weather to warm up a little bit to wear all of these skirts and dresses!

What are your favorite J Crew Factory pieces right now?! Share in the comment section below!


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