Florida | Alfond Inn

Today was our last day in Florida and we are back in the very cold and very snowy Virginia. I already miss the sunny rooftop pool of the Alfond Inn so to reminisce, here is a post all about the Alfond!





We stay here every once in a while when we visit! I really love this style of architecture – clay roof tiles, dark wood and wrought iron, stucco walls, and tons of windows. The abundance of light and white/creme walls create a bright and clean space.





The Alfond Inn has a rooftop pool. There is also a covered area with couches and side tables for those taking a break from the sun! In the picture above, where there are six windows in a row, there is a gym on the other side of the wall. They have various weights and cardio machines so you can get a workout in on your trip!





There is a beautiful courtyard and an outdoor dining area, which is part of the Hamilton Kitchen restaurant. The Alfond Inn has weddings and various other events. There are also indoor spaces for meetings or conferences.





The atrium is so beautiful with the reflections off of the colorful lights. Talk about a dream living room!







Something that I love about the Alfond Inn is there is always so much art on display! There are some pieces that have been there as long as we have been staying at the Alfond.







This screen-print is by John Giorno, a poet and visual artist from New York City. He had a relationship with Andy Warhol and Giorno’s work was influenced by Warhol’s and the pop art style in general. In the 1970’s he converted to Buddhism; in the 1980’s he founded the AIDS Treatment Project. He is still alive today!




This neon sign is the work of Tracey Emin. From the United Kingdom, Emin is known for her neon art – as well as prints and sculptures – that are often thought provoking and very personal.





If you ever travel to Winter Park, I definitely recommend staying here! It’s two blocks away from Park Avenue, where there are dozens of restaurants and boutiques. There is so much to do and see in this area!



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