Snow Days

We ended up with snow days yesterday and today! We got 10 inches of snow and an additional 2 inches of drift. When I woke up yesterday, the power was out but luckily it came back on after a couple hours.

I’ve been out shoveling snow and taking Brinkley around the neighborhood to sniff and play. When I’ve been inside staying warm, I’ve been reading Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and Anthony Doerr’s The Light We Cannot See. Both are so good and I definitely recommend!

Going in and out of the snow has involved quite a few wardrobe changes!





Coat: J Crew

Scarf: Similar

Leggings: VS Pink





Headband: Similar

Scarf: J Crew

Leggings: VS Pink

Socks: Similar

Boots: J Crew

I’ve also been able to do some reading! I have finished Murder on the Orient Express, Originals: How Non-Comformists Move the World, and I have started All the Light We Cannot See and The Weekly Prayer Project.





I hope all of my East-Coasters are staying safe & warm!!

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