Smartmouth Brewing Company

This evening a few friends and I finally made it to Smartmouth! We had a fun time and were able to relax in each other’s company for the first time in a little bit. Smartmouth is in the Chelsea district. This area has some cleaning up to do but has great potential!




As you know, I am a big fan of getting flights at breweries but unfortunately, we didn’t do that. I got the Notch 9 Double IPA. Mallory and Kiarra got the Nonchalant Hoppy Peach Saison. Matt got the Cowcatcher Milk Stout. I liked the DIPA and the Saison but not the Stout.


The food truck A Bite of Maine was there. They specialize in lobster rolls so I tried one. It was tasty – and I’m very particular about my lobster rolls! They serve their rolls on a toasted bun, which I like because if the meat is too cold then I’m not too into it. The roll was $13.99 and packed full of lobster meat.


As for my outfit, my top is a new arrival from J Crew. I love it! It has a tie belt and it’s extremely comfortable. I wore my go-to Joe’s jeans and my crocodile Tory Burch driving moccasins that I have had for years. I’ll link a similar pair here. I accessorized with my tortoiseshell hoops and my staple David Yurman pieces.

I really enjoyed Smartmouth and am eager to go back and try a flight! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite Smartmouth beer is!

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