757 Battle of the Beers

Today, a few friends and I went to the 5th Annual 757 Battle of the Beers at Hunt Club Farms. There were 21 Virginia breweries competing in three categories – People’s Choice, Brewer’s Choice, and Battle of the Brewers – which is a new beer-lympic style competition. Each of the breweries chose a different charity that proceeds from the event would go to. Additionally, there were food trucks, live music, and corn hole and beer pong.



We got our tickets for $35 through a Beach Ambassador. The ticket included an etched pint glass, food voucher for one of the five food trucks and a generous sample of each of the 54 beers.

In my post, I will go through all the breweries and the beers they showcased at the event. I will also let you all know which beers won in each of the categories and my review if they were ones I was able to try.

In the list of breweries and their showcased beers below, I have marked the beers I tried with an asterisk (*).

  • Aleworks Brewing Company (Williamsburg)
    • Superb IPA (6.3%)*
    • Weekend Lager (4.8%)*
  • Alpine Beer Company (Virginia Beach)
    • Windows Up American IPA (7.0%)*
    • Duet West Coast IPA (7.0%)
  • Back Bay Brewing (Virginia Beach)
    • Best Coast IPA (6.4% ABV)*
    • Gringo Cerveza Light Mexican Lager (4.3%)
  • Bearded Bird Brewing Company (Norfolk):
    • Randy Rook Red Ale (5.8%)*
    • Sweet 16 Sweet Potato Ale (Unknown %)
  • Benchtop Craft Brewing Company (Norfolk):
    • Galaxy Triple Hopped Proven Theory IPA (7.0%)
    • Fuzzy Iteration Peach Citra Goose (4.8%)
  • Big Ugly Brewing Company (Chesapeake)
    • Leaf Peepers Imperial IPA (9.0%)
    • No Joy Porter (7.8%)*
  • Bold Mariner Brewing Company (Norfolk)
    • Fete de la Mer Hibiscus Wheat (5.0%)*
    • Tropic Thunder IPA (6.0%)
  • Brass Cannon Brewing Company (Williamsburg):
    • Muzzleflash Hoppy Amber Ale (5.8%)
    • Kanonefest Marzen Ale (6.0%)
  • Bull Island Brewing Company (Hampton)
    • Bubba Boots Pilsener
    • Oyster Jalapeño Porter (5.0%)*
  • Coelacanth Brewing Company (Norfolk):
    • Passion Fruit Gose (4.5%)*
    • Nunya Cacao Raspberry Brown Ale (6.0%)
  • Commonwealth Brewing Company (Virginia Beach):
    • Big Papi Double IPA (8.0%)*
    • Halcyon Apricot & Passionfruit Blonde Barrel-Aged Sour (Unknown %)
  • Deadline Brewing Project (Virginia Beach):
    • Orange Vanilla Milk Blonde (5.2%)
    • Chocolate Porter (5.8%)*
  • Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant (Virginia Beach):
    • Hefeweizen (5.5%)* (this legitimately tasted like Hubba Bubba gum)
    • Covapils (5.5%)
  • Green Flash Brewing Company (Virginia Beach):
    • GFB Blonde Ale (4.8%)*
    • West Coast Double IPA (8.1%)*
  • Home Republic (Virginia Beach):
    • Salted Caramel Ale (7.0%)
    • Tso Good Pale Ale (5.0%)*
  • MoMAC Brewing Company (Portsmouth):
    • Becalm Saison (6.0%)
    • #337 Black IPA (6.0%)*
  • O’Connor Brewing Company (Norfolk):
    • El Guapo Agave IPA (7.5%)*
    • R&R Lager (5%)*
  • Oozlefinch Craft Brewery ( Fort Monroe):
    • Raffish Hazy IPA (6.9%)
    • Flying Backwards Sour Blueberry Honey Saison (4.8%)
  • Pleasure House Brewing (Virginia Beach):
    • Tricks Pumpkin Spice Saison (8.9 %)
    • Red Mill Seven American Red Ale (6.6%)
  • Rip Rap Brewing Company (Norfolk):
    • Sea Lawyer Rosemary Saison (4.7%)
    • Foghorn Festbier (6.0% )*
  • Smartmouth Brewing Company (Norfolk):
    • Farmers Tan Hoppy Saison (5.6%)
    • Safety Dance Pilsner (4.8%)
  • St. George Brewing Company ( Hampton):
    • Oktoberfest (6.0%)
    • Nut Brown Ale (5.0%)*
  • Tradition Brewing Company (Newport News):
    • Invicto Mexican Lager (5.5%)*
    • Bourbon Barrel Coffee Porter (7.6%)
  • Virginia Beer Company (Williamsburg):
    • Free Verse IPA (6.8%)*
    • Rob Your Head Imperial Red Ale (8.4%)
  • Wasserhund Brewing Company (Virginia Beach):
    • Purebread Pilsener (5.9%)
    • Wasserhund Oktoberfest (6.3%)
  • Young Veterans Brewing Company (Virginia Beach):
    • Private Plum Sour Ale with Plum & Hibiscus (5.0%)
    • Geneva Convention White Ale Aged in Viogner Wine Barrels (10.0%)*


The People’s Choice award was given to the top three beers and voting took place online with the unique code you were given at will-call.

1st place went to Bold Mariner Brewing Company’s Tropic Thunder IPA — I actually tried the Fête de la Mer Hibiscus Wheat from Bold Mariner and really enjoyed it. It had a sweet, fruity flavor to it. The Hibiscus Wheat is one I would definitely drink again and am curious to try the Tropic Thunder IPA!

2nd place went to Home Republic’s Salted Caramel Ale — I wanted to try the Salted Caramel Ale but by the time we got to Home Republic, they were already out of it so we got the Tso Good Pale Ale. It actually was so good (haha)! It was light which I really liked. We decided that we would have to visit Home Republic’s brewery so that we can try more of their beers considering the Salted Caramel was 2nd place for People’s Choice and we all enjoyed the Tso Good.

3rd place went to Back Bay Brewing’s Gringo Cerveza Mexican Lager — Again, the beer that placed was not the one I tried. However, I did try the Best Coast IPA! This was definitely in the top half of my list of beers from yesterday.


The Brewer’s Choice award was given to the top three beers decided amongst the brewers at the event.

1st place went to Oozlefinch Craft Brewery’s Flying Backwards Sour Blueberry Honey Saison — Unfortunately, we did not make it to Oozlefinch to try either of their beers. So obviously, we need to venture to the brewery in Fort Monroe to try them all!

2nd place went to Virginia Beer Company’s Rob Your Head Imperial Red Ale — I tried both of Virginia Beer Company’s beers. The Rob Your Head was a little more sour than I was expecting so I wasn’t too wild about it. I really enjoyed the Free Verse IPA though. I learned at this event that I am not into sour beers or porters – definitely into IPAs and lighter beers.

3rd place went to Coelacanth Brewing Company’s Nunya Cacao Raspberry Brown Ale — Again, I tried the beer that did not place. I tried the Passion Fruit Gose and enjoyed it a lot. The Passion Fruit Gose was in my top favorites from yesterday. Their brewery is in Ghent so we will be making a trip soon!

Overall, my favorites were Bold Mariner’s Fête de la Mer Hibiscus Wheat, Alewerk’s Weekend Lager, Home Republic’s Tso Good Pale Ale, Coelacanth’s Passion Fruit Gose, and Rip Rap’s Foghorn Festbeir.

We had such a fun day!! We got there at 1:30 and stayed until 5:30 and somehow we still didn’t make it to each beer. Most breweries had stickers, buttons or merchandise so we wish we had brought better handbags to carry the food voucher, swag, and other items. Obviously, we wish we had been able to sample all 52 beers!! Overall, I definitely recommend coming out to the event next fall!



While I’m here, I will share the details about my outfit.




I found this off-the-shoulder flannel by Max Studio at TJ Maxx. I believe it was only $24.



I paired it with my trusty Joe’s skinny jeans. For the event, I wore my Sam Edelman Gabi sandals, however, once it gets colder, I would wear this outfit with another TJ Maxx find – the Pedra Grommet Ankle Bootie.


I’m glad that I ended up throwing on the sandals because it was definitely too warm to wear booties. This outfit was the perfect outdoorsy, pre-fall attire since my top was off-the-shoulder it kept it cool but fall-ish because of the material. I’m excited to wear this outfit again later in the fall with these super cute booties!


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