O’Connor Brewing Company

So I am not a huge fan of beer but I am trying so hard to learn to like it. Part of this process is visiting breweries! So tonight, one of my friends, Matt, and I went to O’Connor Brewing Co in Norfolk. The only beer of theirs that I am familiar with is El Guapo but I hadn’t tried it until tonight!

We got a flight of the Flagships, which the crowd favorites that are offered year-round. We had six – the Green Can, R&R Lager, Red Nun, El Guapo, Great Dismal and the ODIS. Matt picked the seventh, which was the Discovery Scotch Ale. They have the drinks listed on the sheet from lightest to darkest so that is also the order they put them on the flight tray.

Tonight was also their release of a new beer called Backyard Bonfire. Matt got a pint and I only tried one sip but it tasted smokey which was cool! I learned that I definitely prefer the lighter beers and those with fruity tastes.

Bro’s Fish Taco truck was also there. I got the The Truth (a crispy, lightly battered flounder) and added black beans and cheese with the sweet cinnamon chipotle sauce. Seriously y’all, one of the best tacos I’ve ever had. It was massive, so tasty and a little messy so I recommend grabbing a fork and a lot of napkins.

They had an outdoor bar and patio area which was so nice. Train tracks are right behind it but there are painted wooden palettes that create a wall so you can’t even see the tracks! As you can see, the tables were the community style picnic benches. It was fun because the family that sat next to us later had a little Boston terrier mix that kept coming over to sit at our feet. The bar seemed to have the full tap outside, however I only walked by.

Overall, O’Connor was so much fun. The beers were so good and it was a great atmosphere! If you visit the O’Connor Brewery, let me know how your experience was in the comments below. I would also love to hear what your favorite O’Connor beer is!


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