My Take on Pure Barre Empower

A little background…Back in December 2015, my friend convinced me to try out Pure Barre because there were Groupons online. I was so hesitant because I was not fond of yoga or pilates, and loved fast-paced work-outs. But I went ahead and took a class.

It was so great!!

Pure Barre incorporates moves from yoga and pilates, a ballet barre, and super fun music to give you a challenging yet rewarding, full-body work-out. In 55 minutes, you tone muscles you didn’t even know you had! You start with some cardio moves, arm exercises with optional weights, thigh work, seat work, killer ab work, and some stretches. No cell phones allowed in the studio and the classes are no more than 25 people, so you get to focus on yourself and there is a teacher to help correct your form along the way.

This has become my therapy. In college, I always had multiple meetings, classes, events and endless homework and paperwork to do so my mind was always all over the place. In PB, I would be able to take 55 minutes and focus all my thoughts on one thing – myself! I have become so much leaner and flexible, and a huge confidence boost!!

SO!!! Pure Barre Empower is what I’m talking about right?

PB used to offer Platform, which was 55-minutes of cardio-based movements. Think along the lines of ’80s step aerobics. Yes. However, yesterday, Pure Barre introduced Empower. There is still the good ol’ platform but now we have wrist/ankle weights. I was a little nervous but it was AWESOME!

I LOVE IT! Today, I took my 2nd Empower class and still felt great – not sore yet!!

This class is only 45-minutes long and still works your entire body! There are still moves from Pure Barre Classic incorporated and sped up a little. It has a lot of elements from Platform as well – the platform, larger range of motion, faster moves. Although, in Platform a lot of moves involved pulling off the bar, which put strain on my shoulders. In Empower, the moves are standing or on all fours so there isn’t that same strain. Below, I added a Boomerang to show one of the new moves!

Overall, I strongly recommend giving Empower a try! If you check it out, let me know how you like it in the comments below!!


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