Nice to Meet You!

Hello and welcome to According to Al! My name is Alex. I recently graduated from the wonderful University of South Carolina and am currently job-hunting. I decided to create a lifestyle blog as a creative outlet. Additionally, I have been teaching myself coding and various publishing software so I figured a blog would be a great way to practice what I learn.

I received by B.S.B.A. in Marketing & Human Resources Management and a minor in Spanish. I would like to have a career in event planning/management or employee training and development. They’re two totally different fields, I know. However, throughout my roles in college, I had countless opportunities to create, market and facilitate events. It was so much fun presenting people with an opportunity to come together, have fun and make positive memories. As for training and development, I have had many mentoring roles and have found that watching someone learn something new is so rewarding.

Aside from not-too-exciting career talk, I have a black lab mix puppy (she’s actually 7 years old but she’s still a puppy to me) and grey tabby cat. They are always making appearances on my Snapchat and Instagram stories.

My favorite colors are pinks of all shades but everything I own is some shade of green or neutrals (it’s a problem and I’m working on it).

I attend Pure Barre religiously and swear by it. After 10 years of USA Swimming, I never thought I would find a workout that challenged me as much until I started PB. It kicks my booty every class but I started seeing results so quickly and never get bored of it.

I love being active and going on adventures but I also will never say ‘no’ to taking a nap on the beach. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make it to the beach a lot this summer but hopefully that will change soon!

I am currently reading Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff. I am 5 chapters in and really like it! Once I finish it, I will be sure to give a full review.

Through this blog, I plan to share outfits, recipes, workouts and other adventures and will let you know exactly how I feel about them!

Check back again soon!


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